About Process Engineering

Our Designers have designed / rated:

  •   More than 560 heat exchangers starting from < 5 m2 upto 7500 m2

  •   Shell diameter form 6” pipe to approx. 2.5 meter

  •   Tube length upto 13.5 meter

  •   TEMA type covered BEM, AES, AET, AEU, AEW, BEP, AKU, DEU, CEU, AFU, NEN, BJ21S, BJ12U, CKU etc.

  •   Process exchangers like Coolers, Heaters, Condensers, Reboilers (including Thermosiphon), Falling Film, Hairpin, Doublepipe, Continuous Fin, Electric Heater etc.

Expertise :
  •   Experience in handling of Process Simulators e.g. Chemcad / Pro-II / HTRI / B-Jac / Hysis (Partly)

  •   Basic Engineering including Process Simulation, Process Equipment Design, Hydraulic Calculations, Distillation Optimization, P&IDs, IPDS etc.

Experience :
  •   Preparation of Basic Engineering Package for ‘Aromatics Extraction Unit’ for several clients all around the world

  •   Knowledge of ‘Transalkylation’, ‘Isomerization’ unit

  •   Preparation of ‘Basic Engineering’ Package for various industries related to the Chemicals / Specialty Chemicals

  •   Several project work for system engineering – Hydraulic calculations, pump design, IPDS, Safety valve datasheet etc.

  •   Several distillation column design for different solvents

  •   Various clients all over the world like e.g. Reputed technology licensing company in USA, Alembic group companies, Supreme coating USA, Canada based technology licensing company & several medium to small scale companies

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