About Static Equipment Engineering

Denfab’s Pressure Equipment Group offers a wide range of mechanical engineering expertise for the design, independent design verification, analysis, re-rating, fitness for service assessments, and fabrication specifications of pressure vessels. High standards are maintained and supported by a Quality System certified ISO 9001:2000.

Design, Anlysis & Evaluation for Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessels:-

Design codes – ASME boiler & Pressure vessel code section VIII Div – I & Div – II , EN13445, PD5500, TEMA

  • Design, Analysis & evaluation of Pressure Vessels (Tall Columns, Pressure Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Reactors etc.) based on ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Div. - 1, Div. - 2.
  • Analysis of  Power Boilers per ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section-1
  • Combined Loading Calculation For Tall Columns / Vessels
  • Doing Local Load calculations for nozzles & supports as per WRC, PD5500 etc..
  • Static Analysis of Vessels for Wind and Seismic Forces
  • Re-rating of existing pressure vessels for a new set of design parameters.
  • Fatigue analysis to calculate the fatigue life of pressure vessels subjected to pressure cycles, temperature cycles and startup / shutdown cycles.
  • Tema Types – AEM, AES, BEM, BEU etc. High Pressure “D” Type


  • Mechanical Data sheet ( MDS )
  • Enquiry / Engineering Drawings
  • Supply specification (SS)
  • Vendor offer review ( TQ’s & TBA ) (VOR)
  • Purchase specification
  • Vendor document review ( VDR )

Detailing & Drafting services

  • We carry out detail engineering of static equipments. We have a team of qualified draftsmen & designers to prepare detailed fabrication drawings.
  • We also prepare enquiry documents like Enquiry drawing or MDS showing General arrangement and Orientation of Equipments, applicable codes and standards, Design data, material specifications, applicable standard specifications, design and fabrication requirements, inspection requirements, etc., which can be issued along with the enquiries.
  • We carry out weight calculations for all types of heat exchangers and pressure vessels. We have a built-in database for different standard components like pipes, flanges, fittings, civil structure, material of construction etc. Weight calculations can be furnished for each components in the form of finished weight as well as raw material weight. The summarized weights for different materials of constructions is also worked out which helps in working out the estimations of the equipments. MTO for equipments can be furnished for each equipment as well as a summarized MTO for a group of equipments. This helps in planning and procurement of materials.
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